Stardate: 4261..uh..I'm two weeks in.


Two weeks into this adventure and I have passed my typical honeymoon phase for hobbies. Writing has outlasted venerable efforts such as learning the recorder, hip-hop for dummies, and veganism. It's official, writing is a THING now that I do. Just like Sam said, hold on to ya butts. In the past two weeks, I read 3 books, I wrote and rewrote a 1000 word flash fiction, got 2000 words into a potential novel, 2000 words into a short story, and generated no less than 15 ideas for other things I want to write. Do other writers do this? Is it normal to work on a bunch of stuff at once or has my brain malfunctioned in some way? Am I going very quickly, or simply skipping my way off the deep end?

And it's a very deep end folks. Even the browsers ads have pre-cogged my crime and are sending me advertisements for fancy keyboards and 5-hour energy drinks. At this very moment, I find myself blogging from an unoccupied conference room with the lights out, hunched over a Tupperware container of leftover blueberry cobbler. Is it my proudest moment? No. But also yes, because I am doing the thing. And isn't that what writing is really about?