This Week's Read: Seasons of Glass & Iron

This week I read the short story Seasons of Glass & Iron by Amal El-Mohtar, available in Uncanny Magazine. It is a beautifully written story of two women trapped by their respective situations. Tabitha can walk anywhere so long as she's wearing a pair of iron shoes that cause her pain. Amira sits atop a glass mountain, safe from the world as long as she does not move. It's a deeply moving and lovingly written parable that is highly reflective of the world today. Without revealing too much of the story, it's a heartfelt and fantastical description of how victims rationalize and justify their suffering.

Amal El–Mohtar has received the Locus Award, been a Nebula Award finalist for her short fiction, and won the Rhysling Award for poetry three times. She is the author of The Honey Month, a collection of poetry and prose written to the taste of twenty–eight different kinds of honey, and contributes criticism to NPR Books and the LA Times. Her fiction has most recently appeared in Strange HorizonsLightspeedUncanny Magazine, and The Starlit Wood anthology from Saga Press. She lives in Ottawa with her spouse and two cats. Find her online at, or on Twitter @tithenai.