This Week's Read: Mash Up

I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to discover this. Mash Up is a collection of stories by famous writers that are inspired by famous first lines of other writers. One, that's just a neat idea for a mashup. Two, why haven't I done this myself? If nothing else, it would make for a great writing exercise. Open up any book you might have lying around. Doesn't matter if it's fiction or not. Grab the first line and spin up a short story. In fact, if you can do it with something other than fiction, that would make it even better. Grab the manual for your blender and go to town!

Heck, you know what? I'll go first. Since I'm sitting in a coffee shop, I just pulled up a random website from my bookmarks: Gear Hungry Magazine. It's a website for curated gadgets and the like. The first sentence I see is "A truly remarkable writing experience."  in a banner for a fancy fountain pen. Let's do this!

"A truly remarkable writing experience, the Jot4000, is the successor to the ever popular Jot3000, the best-selling neural scriber of all time. Call now and..."

Infomercials proved to be an unexpected wellspring of knowledge for Gary. It's amazing that there are still infomercials in the future. This one, in particular, the Jot4000 was a neural scribe, a pen that connected to your brain and would write what you were thinking. What happened to computers? Why are people still writing? He still had so many questions.

Waking up 10,000 years after The Event meant he had a bit of catching up to do. And seeing as how his last meal was a hundred centuries ago, having dinner in front of a tv was both welcoming and familiar, if unconventional. The television signal was beamed directly onto his retinas, and his meal was a nutritional smoke that was piped into his resurrection pod.