Khoa D. Pham


The Incredible hulk


My name is Khoa Pham. I’m a designer, writer, and actor living in Durham, NC.


I’ve been an engineer, a soldier, an actor, a writer, a developer, and user experience designer. My journey as a creative has taken me to places that I never dreamt of. Every stop along the way has contributed to the experiences I create and the problems I solve.


“Less, but better.”

- Dieter Rams


My design philosophy is a preference for simple, clean, timeless designs that rely heavily on basic design principles. I am heavily influenced by the works of Deiter Rams, Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Jim Lee, Massimo Vignelli, and Paula Scher. My writing mirrors my design philosophy as well. I like to let the story take center stage, not the writing itself.

Design lives and breathes and grows. We must grow with it. And we’re all stories in the end. Let’s make it a good one, eh?

I’m Batman

Michael Keaton, et al.